Friday, November 13, 2009

So Many Things. Where to Start?

My mom always gave us a small spot in the yard where we were allowed to dig holes. (Ours was in the spot under our tree swing, where the grass wouldn't grow anyway.) So, in that spirit, I've always told the kids that they could dig holes in the garden (in a spot where nothing was planted). The kids have been outside for several days this week working on their hole. Our yard is pretty big, and pitched slightly downhill, so while I could see them from the kitchen window, I couldn't really see the hole. The kids were outside and having a ball. These are good things! Yesterday I finally went outside to see their hole. They dug up the entire bean patch! Oh well, I did tell them they could dig a hole in the garden. I'll just have to make them fill it in when they are done with it.
Here's Mark with a guy he made from the mud in the garden.
The kids have also been having a blast raking up leaves and then jumping in them.

Yesterday I was downstairs doing laundry. When I came back up the stairs, I found the basement door locked. I hollered for Justice (everyone older was at work or school) to come and unlock the door. After a minute or two he did. However he had scampered away so quickly that he was gone by the time I had opened the door and come up the last step or two. I had an armful of clothes to put away in my room, so that is straight where I headed. To my surprise, that door was locked too. I knocked and hollered for Justice (who was on the inside) to unlock the door. After a minute I heard the door unlock, and more scampering footsteps. This is what I found upon entering the room:The little scamp! He had sneaked an ice cream bar and was trying to hide from me.


timpani76 said...

He locked you in the basement so he could eat an ice cream bar?

My kids loooove dirt. All dirt, everywhere. All QQ's barbies look like they were in the trenches of WWI. My kids should come over and help your kids dig holes!

guppygirl said...

Too funny on the ice cream bar! :) You are an awesome Mom! I love reading what you and the family has been up to. You guys have so much fun <3