Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Todd's Birthday Video

I had trouble getting the soundtrack recorded, AND I had a MASSIVE sinus infection, so no making fun of the bad singing!!! I just took one take with a digital recorder, and yeah it sounds pretty awful, but I just got sick of waiting around and sick of messing with the entire project. Plus Todd's birthday was already past. Out of time, so here it is flaws and all.


Trever and Heather said...

Whoa- that must have been a LOT of work. It's obvious that you adore your little brother.

What programs do you use?

Renae said...

It took FOREVER!! It wasn't complicated, just time consuming. All I did was photoshop his head onto different bodies, and manipulated them around. I just used photoshop and I put it together with Windows Movie Maker. That's it. Oh, and I mixed the sound (very badly) with the free download version of Audacity.