Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kids Having Fun

I was having a bit of a pitty party for myself. I'm having a not-so-good week. I started off Monday with the flu and have felt bad all week. Finally today, I was feeling better. Mark was home from school, though with a sore throat. After looking into his throat, I was suspicious of strep. I took him in, and sure enough, he has strep throat. I had the doctor look in all of the other kids' mouths and mine. Everyone was fine except me. I've got it too.

Anyway, I threw this together and it cheered me up.


Amy said...

Totally cracked me up. I love your babes.

Renae said...

Ha Ha! I broke Amy's vow of silence! Party dance, Party dance! BTW, I went to see my doctor yesterday, and I do not have strep throat after all. Yay!