Monday, December 01, 2008

Kiddie Politics

My 6 year old, Mark and his friend, Kendall were in the kitchen having a snack when I overheard this bit of their conversation about their school's mock election:

Mark: "Who did you vote for?"

Kendall: "Who did you vote for?"

Mark: "I'll tell you if you tell me first."

Kendall: "I voted for John McCain"

Mark stared wide eyed with his mouth hanging open for a minute.

Mark: "I voted for John McCain too! Do you know what I heard about O'bama?"

Kendall: "What?"

Mark: "He will steal away all of your money."

Kendall: "Yup."

Mark: "And he wants to take away the mothers' right to have their children."

Kendall: "I don't think so."

Mark: "And he wants to take people out of the war!" --spoken like that was a bad thing.

I was chuckling to myself. Kids are funny.

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