Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Old Funny Stories

We were remembering at breakfast, so I want to record this funny Lydia story. I can't remember if I've done this one already, but I don't think I have. It was one of those moments that you just wish that you had a camcorder going. I could have earned some money off of this one.

Lydia was a cute five year old dressed up in her pretty ballerina outfit, complete with a pink leotard, pink floaty skirt, and some satiny pink "ballerina slippers." She was playing "dance teacher," and I was playing along as a student. " it just like me okay, do exactly what I do, okay!" Then she did this really fast spin around pirouette thing, lost her balance and crashed into the radiator with such momentum that she bounced off and fell in the opposite direction, knocking the front of the radiator loose. As the radiator face crashed down on top of her, she finished her performance with a fart. You'd have had to see it; it was sooo funny!

An Embarrassing Moment:
Back when L, R, and M were all preschoolers, I had a group of friends from our ward (church) who I used to meet with for playgroup type stuff. We met often at the library for story time. As is my custom, I was running late and had gotten dressed in a hurry. After story time, a group of us grown-ups were standing around talking. I noticed something funny feeling on the inside of my pant leg. I realized there was something extra in my pant leg, and it was working it's way down toward my foot. I kind of casually wiggled my leg until it came out. There on top of my foot, in plain site, was a pair of my underwear that had apparently gotten washed inside of my pants. You can imagine my embarrassment as I bent down and casually picked it up and stuffed it into my diaper bag.


Eyepoke said...

That Lid story was hilarious!

timpani76 said...

The Lydia story was hilarious! Did you obey and do exactly like she did? LOL.

I have had the underwear experience, but with a sock, so probably not as embarrassing.

Bruce said...

lid can be very intertaining. and who cares about underwear. its just some dumb extra layer any way. you should have told them that you had been haveing a problem keeping your shins warm.