Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Week

The Race:

I ran in a 10 mile race yesterday. I wasn't blazing fast, but I finished still feeling good. That's all I was going for. I picked a nice comfortable pace, and just kept pegging away. I averaged 9.38 minute miles, or 6.4 mph. This is 2 minutes slower than the only other time I did that race. That was 2 years ago, 9 months after Justice. Last time, I had 4 more months of recovery under my belt, but I was still very new to running long distances, plus I was sickish that day. I felt 100 times better at the finish yesterday than I did 2 years ago. No ice bath, and I'm only a little bit sore. Next year I'll be going for a better time, but for this year, I'm happy.

On a funny note, Brad Wever, a 13 or 14 yr old kid that I give piano lessons to, also the son of 2 of our Godzilla friends ran about the same pace as me. We stayed together for about a mile, in between his vomitings. He pulled off of the road 3 times to puke, and still beat me by one second.

The Princess:

After his shower the other day, Justice had his towel wrapped around his waist like a skirt, and he said "I'm a princess!"
My Toe Nails:

After cutting holes in two new pairs of socks with my toe nails, I decided it was high time to cut the darn things. I have the thickest toenails in creation, I think. I actually broke the clippers. You can't tell it in the picture, but the metal thing that you push down on actually snapped in two.

Also, John and Liz got stranded here. I've gotten to see lots of them over the past week, and that is always a good thing. Good times!


timpani76 said...

Racing, princess boys, and hard toenails sums up your week? Stranger stranger and stranger!

Vance occasionally says "I want to be a girl!" when I won't let him play with Quisqueya's toys ;)

Bruce said...

you should try sleeping in the same bed with the tallons.