Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Losing My Mind and Other Important Bits of Stuff

They say having children eats your brain. It must be true.

Last Saturday was the Christmas party for Bruce's Dad's former place of employment. The whole extended family goes every year and has a good time. It's a fairly large thing, with the blow up bounce house things, Santa a real reindeer crafts, a magician, food and such like that. The only bad thing about these big places is that it is easy to loose the little ones among the throng. Lydia, Ross and Mark are big enough now that I don't worry about them too much, Justice is another story. I lost him about 3 or 4 times that day. Lydia was holding Clayton while they got their picture taken with Santa, and saw the reindeer. She handed him off to someone afterward and went off to play. I was standing around talking to Bruce's parents. After a few minutes I started looking around trying to see who was holding the baby. I couldn't see anyone from our group who had the baby. I asked Bruce's Dad & Mom "Where is the baby?" They looked weird at me.

"Justice?" they asked me.

"No, he's right there. I mean Clayton. Who's got Clayton."

They continued to look dumbfounded at me. I continued to scan the throng, looking for my baby, and starting to feel a little panicky.

"Where is Clayton. Who did Lydia give him to?"

More weird, crazy looks. She had given him to me. I was holding him on my hip. Seriously. I guess I'm just so used to his weight, that I'd forgotten that I was holding him. Moron!

This morning as I was packing up my diaper bag / purse to take Ross and Mark to the dentist, I missed my wallet. I checked in my purse where I usually keep it. I swear it wasn't there. I started combing the house. I had Mark look in the van, I looked every place that I might have set it down. I was starting to worry, and I had all of the older kids "on task" looking for my wallet. Lydia found it - in my purse, in the exact right compartment. I swear, I'm losing my mind!
Oh, and here are some gratuitous pictures of the Clayton, and the kids at the Christmas Party.


timpani76 said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! I totally did this when Quisqueya was a baby, except when I asked "Where's Quisqueya?" she was attached to me. Yep, that's right, she was nursing when I could not find her. I remember my mother in law was looking at me like she was wondering if the sleep deprivation had me go crazy!

Jeanette and Jason said...

How funny Renae. I KNOW I will do those things when I become a Mom because I do things like that now. At least everyone has a funny story to tell.

Bruce said...

i have fun with what she says when she is half asleep. you should tell some of thoes.