Thursday, December 04, 2008

Guilt Trips From the Guilty

Bruce's mom babysat J & C while I took the other kids to the dentist today. While I was gone, the following funny thing happened: Justice was headed for the basement, and for some reason Grammy didn't want him to go down there at that particular time. Justice flat out ignored her as she repeatedly said "Justice, come back. Justice, don't go in the basement. Justice get back here!" etc. Grammy followed Justice into the basement and gave the unrepentant delinquent a swift spanking. Justice turned around and looked at his Grammy with wide, watery, puppy dog eyes and says "Grammy, are you sorry that you hurt me?" Then he went upstairs and said to Pa "Grammy's a bad boy!"


lizS said...

lol! that boy kills me!!

timpani76 said...

Vance always screams "mom you're hurting me!" when I spank him. I'm like "yeah, that's the point of a spanking!"