Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My New Calling

(For non-Mormons, "calling" is LDS speak for "my current job at church"). I just got called to be the Primary Pianist. Can you get more of a gravy job than this? At least 90 percent of the songs in the Primary Song Book are easy enough, that I don't need to practice them. I just show up and play songs for children. It's fun, and practices my sight reading, and if I mess up, the kids don't notice, or care too much. Gravy.

Plus you sometimes get to hear the kid's say funny things. Last Sunday, Aunt Claudia was giving a Sharing Time lesson on following Jesus' example. She told several stories of Jesus, and pointed out a different aspect of Jesus' character that we should try to follow. She told the story where Jesus heals the blind man by spitting in the dust and making clay to put on his eyes. She said something like "We may not be able to heal the blind man, but what else can we do to be like Jesus from this story." (She was fishing for "Service".) Dulaney Reed piped up and says, totally serious "Spit in the dirt." Funny!


Eyepoke said...

Gravy. Enjoy it while you have it! I'd like a gravy church job... well right now my gravy job is just showing up... hmmmm. what is my gravy job? teaching primary kids and teenagers was fun, but I dont think i want either job back right now. how about libarian?

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm at school now. Eyepoke you are funny. My gravy calling is nursery, it's very fun. It is so awesome that J-bird is in nursery. He is a cool buddy.

laughy laughy silly silly booger booger said...

Hey a little bit ago I had to go outside because of a fire alarm. The school did't blow up thruogh. After that me and dad went to the book store and got a sociology book. Erick is at home with mom while liz is at the Dr.s Hope you have a good day.