Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Highlights

1) Spending time with family. Sounds cheesy, but it's true none the less. I love my family! (I also include Bruce's family as "my family;" they are.) My side of the family and Bruce's side are so very different, in some ways. My family are insanely silly, and his are very not silly. His family think I'm a bit of a weirdo. It's all good. I love both families way much! I don't know if Todd reads this, but I know Suzanne does, so I'm directing this comment to both: I miss you guys! Let's get together more. Love you!

2) Jonni opening a present and yelling "I hate this!" I felt bad for Uncle Trent, who got her the present, but it was funny. I'm glad it wasn't my kid (this time).

3) My favorite presents that I gave were: a) I got Ashley a t-shirt that said "I love boogers" on the front, and "Nase Bohren" on the back. See, we had a drawing and I drew her name. You were supposed to put a wish list on your card, so that who ever got your name would have a clue what to get you. All Ashley put on her "wish list" was "I love boogers." She laughed, and put it on immediately. b) I printed out the entirety of both of my blogs, bound them, and gave them to my parents (who still don't have Internet.)

4) Dad and Mom both laughed themselves literally to tears over The Maverick. (That's an entry on Tadpoles, my other blog. I think it was so funny to them because it is about them.


lizS said...

jonni has decided this morning, upon reflection, and many beatings, (just kidding there!), that all the presents she hated yesterday, today she likes alot. even the one trent got her!! so if trent is reading this, she's been playing with yours all day. silly wicked girl!

timpani76 said...

I'm so glad QQ did not throw any toys back at people or anything else that I could see her doing. You know, funny kid stuff is half the fun of getting all the kids together in one group though.

Bruce said...

mark got a movie that he did not think that much of and within about 30 sec gave it to cousin grant. thing about 5 min later grant got the same movie and gave mark back his copy.

The Marinator said...

Oh my goodness! Jonni is much like her father sometimes! The blog thing was a great idea.