Monday, June 02, 2008

Prepare to be Horrified!

Is it a bad thing when your crocs are feeling tight on your feet? I think I'm retaining just a bit of water. What do you think? These ankles look like they belong on a 500 pound woman. Now, admittedly, I've put on about as much as I usually do during pregnancy. Which is more than I'd like to, but nothing horrifying. This is just crazy! I can feel the funky feeling of swollenness -I can't quite explain it, but it feels like pressure, tingly, and just funky- all the way up to my knees. I can't wait to be done with this pregnancy. I'm perfectly happy that I'll never have to do this again, in this lifetime. I think if I swell anymore, my legs will pop. Here is my leg next to Bruce's (his is the thinner one- duh). And BTW, vein surgery is definitely in my not-so distant future. YAY!

And just for those of you who don't see me everyday, and can't vouch for the fact that I have not turned into a complete and utter cow, here is a picture of me taken today -the same evening as the nasty, yucky, disgusting, horrid ankle pictures.
Pregnancy stinks!! Yes, I know comparatively, I still have it easier than most, for which I am extremely grateful. (I'm too much of a wuss to be able to deal with some of you other women's pregnancies!) But, I will be very glad to be done with it none the less.


timpani76 said...

It's the humidity that's making it worse. Elise was 9 months pregnant in Florida during August, and her doctor said she was at the top of the scale as far as swolleness. She's really pale, so she looked like the stay puffed marshmallow guy, or the Michelin man.

Olive oil supposed to help reduce blood flow to the legs. I'm not sure that would be helpful, at this point though.

Bruce said...

renae is at pretty much full term and i am a LOT heavier than her, but you cant tell by the look of her ankles. if there was ever a time when you should feel bad for renae, this is it. she does not even want to put her weight down. poor renae.

lizS said...

argh!! i just wrote a big huge comment, and LOST IT!!! that is soooooo very irritating.
well, what i said was basically that my sister went the same way with the swelling. she seriously didn't look human. but without the veins, they look downright painful!! and i don't think your face fits your ankles at all. i thought that was a before pic until i read the caption. but much sympathy for your poor legs!! at least i never had THAT complication!!!! yuck!

pie-seas79 said...

Consider yourself lucky because your almost done!!! Nothing feels better than getting that kid out. I mean after its out, not the act of getting it out!lol! Do you know what you are having?