Wednesday, June 04, 2008

To Cry or To Laugh? That is the Bare Bodkin

My huge task that I must complete (aside from a complete kitchen remodel, but that's another subject) within the next few week, before baby gets here, is to go through all of the boy clothes that we have in the entire house. I have a LOT of boy cloths! Being as this is my fourth boy, and I have some crazy disorder, which renders me nearly unable to get rid of any clothing, I have an entire attic closet full, and I do mean FULL of boy clothes. I have all sizes, and all stages of being, from good to ratty. The thing I have to do is to go through all of it, sort it, purge where needed, and find out what I have for who. I've been putting this undertaking off for a long time, but I can't any longer. Anyway, I bravely started yesterday. I pulled out ALL of Mark's clothes an began. I got a good way in, and then had to quit to do other things. Stupidly, I left my neat piles out. Justice struck. Here is a part of the carnage (you'd need a panoramic camera to see all of it):

Laughing is just easier.

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lid said...

ya that was tarible you didn't hav it clend up all weke