Friday, June 27, 2008

Concerns for Baby's Safety

I've had two year olds and newborns a time or two before, and it wasn't a problem then. This time I am truly a bit worried. For one, Justice (my two year old) is very jealous of anybody else getting too much Mommy attention. For instance, if Mark (the six year old) sits on my lap, Justice comes over, pushes him off and yells "MY MOMMY, MY SEAT!!"

For another thing, Justice really likes to bully his brothers around. I'm hoping that this is just to prove his might because he is so much smaller than the other two (6 and 8 yrs old). Maybe he won't feel the need to prove his might to a little baby. I don't know. He really likes to hit and throw things at Ross and Mark. He doesn't have this problem with other children in nursery (his own age), so that's a good sign. It is a daily occurrence that Mark cowers away from Justice's aggressions. Justice threw a heavy shoe, the kind with retractable wheels on the bottom, and hit Mark in the head the other day. Just now, I came in to find Mark lying on the couch with Justice jumping up and down on his chest. Argh, this is going to take "Constant Vigilance!"


Anonymous said...

wow. yeah, um, good luck with that one, lol! jeez man, i just dunno. constant vigilance, yup, i think you got it. call me if you need me to come and take justice away for an afternoon! i'm totally willing to give you a little rest from your vigil!

timpani76 said...

I was just thinking I should steal Justice from you after the baby is born. Quisqueya likes him, he's not violent with her, it would be great fun! I have an extra car seat too, so that's not a problem.

I was kind of worried about Vance with Quisqueya, but he did really well. He screamed at me every time I nursed, because he knew the lap would be occupied for 20 minutes or so, but other than that no baby head injuries or anything.

The mothers did a pretty good job of scaring me silly with "injured or dead baby stories" though. Why do people tell those to pregnant women? Have you gotten them too, or is it just me?

Dana Cheryl said...

You'll have plenty of help and don't underestimate his sweet side. I'm sure it's in there. :) You're a great mom!

Everyone Admires Mary said...

"Constant Vigilance." That would be a good name for the baby. It's even in the same vein as Justice!

Dana Cheryl said...

How ya feelin' Renae?!