Thursday, June 12, 2008

Speaking of Vitamins and Vomit

I must have some kind of vitamin deficiency going on. I've been eating fruit like crazy. Baby must want some vitamin C or something. I've had a serious craving for these frozen strawberry bars for about a week now. The universe is mocking me, however. Aldi carries a generic version of these, which is really good, and reasonably priced. I went there a week ago to do my grocery shopping, looking forward to having a strawberry bar when I got home, but alas, they were all gone. Edy's makes a good version of them, so I looked for them when I was at Walmart a couple of days later, no luck. Bruce was going out to get a couple of things the next day or so, so I asked him to pick some up. Again no luck. I was at Park -n- Shop yesterday, and I looked for them there, again no luck! Today I was back at Aldi, and looking forward to finally getting one of these strawberry bars. They were in stock today. However, the box with them in it had gotten caught up on the back of two other boxes of other things. It was so far back in the freezer, that I would have needed a 6 foot long arm to reach it. I tried twice to get in there and get them, but it was impossible. I should have asked a store attendant to get me some from the back, but I was too chicken. I left saddened, but I figured I'd go to Shop -n- Save on the way back and get some there. (Yes, that's how bad my lack of ability to ask for help is. I was going to go to another store, and pay more for the same thing, rather than ask for a simple thing. I'm such a dork!) After the excitement with locking Justice in the van though, I didn't have the time. Oh well,
I've been eating so much fruit over the last couple of days, that I've got a tummy ache and a slight case of the Osmonds (Donny and Maria - diarrhea). I can't stop though. I ate two cartons of strawberries almost by myself last night. Today, even with my stomachache, I've eaten at least one banana, two peaches, an orange, and about a pound of cherries. I must be needing something.


Dana Cheryl said...

Yum fruit! I've been eating cherries like mad too. Although I can guarantee it has nothing to do with a baby! Isn't it crazy how expensive it it?!

Your story makes me laugh but it would frustrate me to no end. What have you done to tick off the universe? LOL!

lizS said...

folic acid maybe? fruit is also heavy in that. or just vitamins in general. mmmm, all this talk makes me want some....too bad we're out! however, i see grocery shopping at a nearby-newly-discovered farmer's market in my immediate tomorrow or even tonight, lol!

timpani76 said...

Fruits are great if you're thirsty, maybe all this heat is just making you need more water?

I can always tell when Quisqueya is thirsty because she asks for fruit, but I make her drink some V8 juice first.