Saturday, May 31, 2008

School's Out For Summer

I love no school! I love no homework! I love being able to go out and walk at the crack of dawn instead of having to get everybody ready for school. I love the chance to get my act together, and organize things around here, ie- new plans for monitoring TV / video game time, and kids helping out with chores. We have a new plan for the summer which involves a quarter a day, when everybody does their chores, keeps the TV stuff in check, and cleans up after themselves. The idea is a family outing at the end of the summer as a reward. As it's only the first week of this system, it's so far so good.

I decided to get all of the check ups done during the first couple of weeks of summer, so as to not have to worry about any of that rot during the school year, and after the baby is born. (4 weeks till my due date people! Joy of joys, I can't wait to be unpregnant!) So I took all of the kids to the dentist on Thursday, and all of them to the eye doctor on Friday. Lydia will be getting glasses (as we had suspected that she might). She is slightly near sighted. Ross and Mark are fine. Mark really wanted to get glasses. He even tried to fool the eye doctor. He wouldn't read a single letter or number for him. The stinker! The doctor wasn't fooled, however. Apparently lots of kids his age think it would be cool to get glasses. He got his situation figured out by asking the usual "Is this one better, or that one?" Also, they have those things where they look at the back of your eyes or something. Anyway, Mark was so upset when the doctor pronounced him as fine, that he pouted and cried for about a half an hour. I did not give in and let him get window pane glasses, just for his orneriness. The doctor suggested that I could, and let the insurance pay for it, but I didn't think that would be a great plan.

Anywho, the kids are all outside playing in their wading pools, at the moment. Ahh blessed silence. Have a lovely!


Bruce said...

summer is great. the problem i have is that they keep cutting off more and more of the summer break. i know its because there are so manny houses that have 2 working parents, but no less than half of my childhood mimories are from summer. and i hit one of the kids pool with the lawn mower and so now we have one less than we did befor. sorry kids.

timpani76 said...

Kids have too much homework, too much school, and not enough summer!

Vance got out May 16th (from preschool), and has been begging to go back ever since. I can't even remember liking school that much.

Malauna said...

I also love summer. We have 3 more weeks of school. The weather is not swim weather yet, so I'm fine with school still.