Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Quick Update

So, yes I have a wonderful new baby boy named Clayton Thomas Harlan. He and I are both doing well. We had a couple of rough days with him having tummy troubles and me having to get a blood patch. (I leaked spinal fluid when they did my epidural, this gives you the worst kind of headache that you've ever had in your life. Solution: another needle in your back, just like the epidural only they take blood from your arm and inject it into your back.) That left me with a terrible backache, and the veins in my legs freaking out. That only lasted one day though, I hear the spinal headache can last for like a week untreated. Anyway, that's all over, an I feel pretty darn good. Baby is a happy baby who now sleeps pretty well at night. Word to anyone who has a colicky baby. Take them to a good chiropractor who specializes in children!! It sounds hoaky, but it works!!! I won't go into why it works here, but trust me it does. Our chiropractor also performed a miracle and saved Ross from needing tubes put in his ears. Colic can, in many cases be taken out of the picture with one or two adjustments from a good chiropractor. And no, they don't adjust babies in the same way that they do adults. It's much gentler, with no cracking.

I've been stuck in the land of no Internet, living at my parents' house since I've been home from the hospital. Bruce undertook to completely remodel my kitchen while I was in the hospital. It's still not done, and I'm still located at my parents' house. I just stopped by home for a little bit to do a couple of things. I caught up on reading all of your blogs, but I couldn't comment because I can't type and breast-feed at the same time. Sorry that there are no pictures, my camera is at Mom & Dad's house.

I'm trying to decide if I should spend the day here putting things back together a bit, or just go back to Mom's house. I feel good, but can I handle all of that? I cleaned Mom's kitchen, picked up things in the basement, and did some laundry yesterday. (Then I laid down because it wore me out!) I hate having to sit still!

So, things that I meant to blog about from the past week:

1) I am super woman: I literally had the baby out in one push. No kidding, less than 10 seconds of pushing. My OB is literally 80 years old (but still sharp as a tack), so he's been delivering babies for probably 50 years. He said "I have never" (You know when a man whose been delivering babies for 50 years uses the word "never" it means something!) "I have never seen anyone push a baby out in one push before!" Now when he says "never" does he literally mean "never, " or just "very rarely?" I don't know.

2) Ross's thought for the day: "Mom, did you know that you can never be doing nothing? You are always either standing, sitting, or lying down."
"Sure, " I say "plus you are always breathing, and your heart is always beating, unless you are dead."
To which he replies "Even if you are dead, you are still doing two things. You are lying down, and rotting."

3) My fears with Justice were totally groundless. He LOVES his little brother. He always wants to "Kiss Kwayton" and "Hold Kwayton" I had to chase him out of the bedroom where Clayton was taking a nap repeatedly the other day. I had put him down for a nap, and gone back in to check on him, to find that Justice had put his glow worm in the bed with his little brother. Now, the glow worm is Justice's special toy that he takes to bed with him every night. Touched, I smiled, but I took it out -babies aren't supposed to sleep with stuffed toys, a suffocation thing. Justice came back into the bedroom, and put the glow worm back in, and turned it on, so Clayton could hear the music. I next had to let him kiss the baby a few times before he would leave him alone. Too sweet!

I could go on, but I need to get going! More later.


pie-seas79 said...

Oh I am so happy for you guys!!!! I just love new babies! I can't wait for the pics!
You are now part of an elite group of women that I like to call baby machines. I had my Liam out in one push and didn't know that he came out!! Yeah, weird I know. I also had troubles with the epidural with him. Maybe the two (epidural trouble and one push wonders) are related????
I say take advantage of getting people to do things for you...milk it for all you can!!!!lol.

Everyone Admires Mary said...

Congratulations Renae! We're so happy for you! I'm glad that Justice loves his baby, what a relief!

"You're lying down and rotting" ROFL That is so funny! Only your kid would think of that!


Eyepoke said...

I also like the lying down and rotting thing. Its terribly funny.

timpani76 said...

When Liz told me Clayton came out in one push my mind instantly said "well that's because he was smaller than the others"! That probably has nothing to do with it though :)

Wow! Kitchen remodel and newborn? You guys are workaholics!

Malauna said...

Congratulations! I've always wanted to give a child of mine 3 first names, but Ryan won't stand for it. Oh, well...

Trever & Heather said...


(and I love his name too!)

Dana Cheryl said...

Congrats Renae! On the new baby and the kitchen and getting Harlan in there!!!

Lying down and rotting... That's funny!

Love ya!