Friday, January 08, 2010

Random Stuff

We are having our second snow day in a row. Yesterday, Ross and Lydia got up early just to prank Mark, who had been asleep already when the call came that told us school was canceled. They got Mark up and all got ready to walk out the door, then they told him he had missed the bus.

I took the kids sledding yesterday, but it turned out pathetic. It was 18 degrees and windy! After we'd been there for only about 15 minutes, one of my boys really needed to use the bathroom (and not the kind where you can just run behind the tree). At about the same time, Clayton fell face first into the snow with his glove off and decided he was completely miserable. I loaded everyone up and called the whole thing a wash. It's too bad! Today is supposed to be -2 degrees with a wind chill of -25. There is no way I'm attempting it now! Ross, Lydia and Mark are bravely sledding on our mini-hill in the backyard right now. BBHHRRR!!

In the "tag-team" department, Justice and Clayton's latest craze is smashing cereal on the floor. So much money has been wasted! Clayton starts out just trying to get a snack (I think) and ends up dumping the whole bag on the floor. Crunching up the pieces is so very delightful that he and J-Bird just can't resist. The other day that happened, and my darling little Justice decided that one bag just wasn't enough. I caught him purposely dumping a second bag on the floor, the villainous little sinner! I'm going to have to start keeping the cereal under lock and key!

Here's a cute thing: the other night, Lydia and I were sitting on one couch doing homework, and Ross and Mark were reading on another couch. (It only sounds quiet - somehow I remember shouting "Shut up! We are trying to do HOMEWORK!" a lot.) Clayton got himself a magazine and plunked down next to R & M and started "reading."

My kids decided to make cards for my poor mother who slipped on the ice, broke her wrist, and bruised hip up so badly that she can't stand up. Here's a poem that Ross wrote for his card:

Your bones are a mess
but I still confess
you are one mighty tough grandma
you're in the E.R.
but you have come so far
so pretend you are in Alabama

And since we were in the poem writing mood, I made up one of my own for no one in particular -ahem:

I tried to draw cupid,
but my pencil's too stupid.
So instead, I drew you this blob.
I tried one more time
to show love in a rhyme,
but I can't do a very good job.

It's too bad you're so lame
cause Honey my aim
was to give you a compliment or two.
But you're dumb as a box
of slimy old rocks,
and can't even tie your own shoe.

You're extremely pathetic
and hardly athletic,
so tell me, what can I do?
Even though you're not smart,
you've quite won my heart,
and I'm crazy in love with you!

(For the record, neither my mother nor Bruce are dumb or stupid, and only occasionally pathetic ;). Both are capable of tying their own shoes and Bruce at least is quite athletic. Actually I guess my mother is a bit "lame" in a literal sense, at the moment. Just so you know, I dearly love them both!)

Oh, dear Heaven and Bruce forgive me for posting this, but it really tickled my funny bone:What does it say when you pull up a chair to the open fridge?!

Bruce says that I am required to tell you that he was extremely tired because he got called into work around 10:00 p.m. and didn't get back home and to bed till 3ish a.m. When I took this picture, it was after a full day at work the next day on only about 3 hours of sleep. Poor guy!


lizS said...

that pic of bruce made me LOL!

timpani76 said...

Erik would so kill me if I took a picture like that. Too funny! I have not even tried to take the kids sledding this time. I hope it warms up, and the snow stays a little longer so we can try sledding next week. Or they can, I guess pregnant sledding is a no no.

Brad Carter said...

Ewww, drinking from the carton. You should hit him.

timpani76 said...

Yeah, Erik never drinks from the carton, so I guess that picture would never exist ;)

I can think of a few other pics I could have taken that would be just as embarassing though!

Bruce said...

im not embarassed. so what i drink from the carton. its MY carton. and the sad part is that i had been sitting there for almost 5 mins befor any one saw me and i decided the a drink of milk was all i could muster. all i need now is a t.v. in there and ill be set.

Eyepoke said...

That picture of Moose is hilarious. And I like the poems too. he ho hah

pie-seas79 said...

What a GREAT POST! HAd me laughing from start to finish!! The "villianous little sinners" was just too much to bear!!! bahahahahaha!!!!! And Bruce inthe fridge....the poems.......hahahahaha!!! THANK YOU!!!

guppygirl said...

Too funny about the sibs pranking poor Mark, haha.

Your poor Mom :( Send her a hug for me, okay?

Loved Bruce's pic!

DP said...

Bruce, that is brilliant. Thanks for the idea.