Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Little Thing That Makes Me Happy

While cleaning up the kool-aid mess (see earlier post), I found these two frames that I had forgotten existed. I had NOT forgotten these two pictures. One was hanging on the wall and the other was on top of my fridge awaiting a new frame. Any interior design person might cringe, but I don't care. My bestest friend, Amy made both of these for me a long time ago. Both have been hanging in my space since their creation (except in times between frames. My poor mouse picture has been through several, as it has the unlucky habit of getting knocked off the wall by my kids.) Amy made the mouse picture for me at girls' camp when we were 12 years old. She gave up asking me to take it down only a couple of years ago when she stole it and reframed it in a beautiful frame which sadly only lasted a couple of months before being knocked to its doom. The Curious George picture was made when we were 17ish. I love that they now have matching mats and frames. I guess I should thank Clayton for spilling kool-aid all over so I would have to go in the basement and find them.

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CoryEllen said...

3M has the coolest product which apparently you need: it's like super strenght velcro for picture frames. it's called "Command Picture Hanging Strips" and you can get them at Office Depot. Then your pics won't get knocked off the wall. And they stay put in minor earthquakes too.