Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Things

#1: I now have two washers and two driers hooked up and operational. I'm a fraggin' laundry mat! Now I can do some serious laundry. Oh yeah baby!

#2: I think Justice might finally be potty trained! ...maybe? (Yeah, don't I look like a fool posting all about potty training about a year ago like I knew what I was talking about.) Only one in diapers would be heaven! (Do you like how I made that one #2? I know, I'm a doof!)

Odd bits that I find mildly amusing:
Clayton's word for anything that he likes is "fun." I love that. His word that means "Look at that!" is "Bum!")

Mark says the other day, "When I get a cell phone, my ring tone's gonna be 'Alvin, Alvin, ALVIN!!' That will be really disturbing in church."

1 comment:

timpani76 said...

Yay for potty trained! I'm pretty sure potty training is my least favorite thing E-VER!

Fun bum? I wish I had a laundry mat in my basement. I feel like I need one lately :p