Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Byes (Sappy Post Warning!)

Oh gosh, I'm crying already! My littlest brother Trent just flew out today to go to the MTC. He'll be serving a mission (for the LDS church) in Switzerland. We won't see him for two years. And while I am tremendously proud of that great, great little man, I didn't realize how much I'd miss him. He hasn't even been gone one day yet. If you get to read this Tree Head, I love you so much. Do good. Life is sure going to get boring here without you! I know you'll do a great job.

Todd, my second brother is moving to Washington (state) this coming weekend with his wife. I'm going to miss the heck out of them too! I'm really glad that Suzanne and I had a few good months of walking together and getting to be closer. I love my family so much it hurts. I got to go for a
nice long run (10.7 miles) on Saturday with Todd and Trent. Saturday night I got to go out to dinner with the girls one last time before Suzanne leaves. Darn it sucks when siblings get old and move away! Here's an I love you for Todd and another one for Suzanne.

Here's a picture we took yesterday, one last day with everyone together for a while:

In this photo L to R: back row - Me, Bruce (my hubby) holding Clayton* Suzanne (Todd's wife), Todd, Ashley, Dad, John, Trent. In front and middle - Liz used to be Bryan (John's wife), Jonni**, Justice*, Lydia (behind Justice)* Mom holding Erik** (She's in a wheel chair because she slipped on the ice a couple of weeks ago. She'll be fine.), Ross*, Mark*

*My kids
**John's kids

Upon reading that caption, I realize that "Liz used to be Bryan" makes it sound like she's had a sex change. No folks, as far as I know, Liz has always been a Liz. Her last name used to be Bryan.

Jonni (the little girl in the front row) cracks me up in this picture!


timpani76 said...

What cracks me up is how serene Liz looks while standing right over her! That woman has some control!

Erik and Clayton both look pretty grumpy too. Lol.

I was pretty upset when Danielle, and then Elise moved far far away. It's hard to see your family sent to the four corners of the Earth. At least Trent has a "time limit".

Laurie Von said...

so glad you posted a pic of the fam. i could only pick out, you, john, and your dad. wow. family is so great. its so fun to be close to your bros. im sure he'll be awesome.

Emily S said...

I saw him this morning and he seemed great! Hopefully he won't die of eating not-from-scratch waffles. :)

BTW - loved your post about going nuts a while back. Winter is way tough for me, too, so even though I don't want you to go nuts, it's good to know others do.

Curtis Gibby said...

Now that your mom's got some gray, I see a lot of Grandma Gibby in her.

lizS said...

oh believe me, i was ready to SMACK that child a good one! OI! i've been bawling off and on the past couple of days too, renae, you are not alone, lol! i just love those boogers, i mean brothers, to peices!

lizS said...

ps hey, i want a copy of this! pretty please? *makes big googoo eyes at renae*

guppygirl said...

Good luck to Tree-Head Trent on his mission :)

Tell Todd and his family good luck with the move :)

Tell your Mom I'm wishing her speedy healing <3

Hugs to everyone!

Dana Cheryl said...

Thx for pasting a pic. I'm so sad that I couldn't make it up there for all the farewells. Love you guys!

Sharp Times said...

Wow I know the feeling. It is so nice to have family around as close friends. Good luck getting used to it all!

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys I miss you to. I see you in two years. Tell LY, Ross, Mark, Justice, Clayton, Jonni, and Erik "I'm gonna Kill you Kids!!"

Lord Voldemort