Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Life as Usual

I had a bunch of family over for dinner yesterday. That was good. I love my family! After everybody left, I cleaned the tables off, put away the extra chairs and tables, put the left-overs in the fridge. Then deciding that it could wait till morning, I piled the dishes up on the sink and left them.

This morning, I got up and made french-toast for breakfast, knowing that it would be less to clean up if I dirtied one skillet and fed everyone on paper plates, than if everyone dirtied a bunch of cereal bowls. After everyone was hustled off to school, I sat down at this computer which wastes so much of my time, for a tiny break before I tackled the mess in the kitchen. However fate was in a humorous mood today. Clayton beat me to the kitchen. He climbed onto the counter top and decided to help himself to the pitcher of kool-aid -may all kool-aid burn in the hottest corners of hell with rabid wolverines in its underwear for the rest of eternity. Clayton was perched in the optimum position for optimal mess. He succeeded in drenching my counter-top, my kitchen floor, everything in the cabinet under the sink -where I keep all of my pots and pans, and even dribbled a goodly amount into the basement, all down the wall, onto the floor, and into a box of currently unused nick-nacks and picture frames. O the joy! If he weren't so darned cute!

Here's another thing that I learned this morning: It is not good to forget that you took the lid off of the kid's amoxicillin and then shake it vigorously while looking the other way.


timpani76 said...

I've done the shaking bottle thing, except with orange juice. Vance & QQ managed to spill all the lemonade unto the table, chairs, and floor one time. Big sticky mess, but at least not a particular color that I had to scrub out of anything. Clayton is definitely one to watch now! Darn that climber, explorer, getter into everything kid!

Beth (your neighbor) said...

Thanks for the laughs! You have my sympathy!