Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I went outside and cleaned up around the trampoline , and I found eight pairs of socks. Not eight socks, eight pairs of socks flung around the trampoline. This does not count the socks, shirt, and two jackets that Mark brought in before me. I 'm going to have to knock some heads together if my kids don't start bringing their stuff inside.

Also how queer is this toy. I don't know where my kids got it from, McDonald's or something like that. It's supposed to wind up and march. However, it's way too top heavy, and it can hardly stand up at all, much less march. If you do get it to stand after you've wound it up, it's too heavy to be able to actually march. It just stops. Brilliant engineering!


Bruce said...

none of those are my socks

timpani76 said...

None of them are mine either ;)

Anonymous said...

sponge bob sucks crap