Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Fun

Since the weather has turned nice, Mark has been bugging me about walking home from school together. As Ross and Mark's school is about 2.5 miles away, it's not something that they can just do by themselves. So yesterday I met the kids at their school (Lydia rode the courtesy bus from her school to Ross and Mark's) with Justice and Clayton in the double stroller and two large dogs (our lab -Chloe, and Hank- Bruce's aunt's German Shepard mix, who we are currently dog-sitting.) We stopped at three different parks and played on the way home. It took us 2 1/2 hours to get home! It was enjoyable though. The dogs were a big hit with all of the kids' friends who we saw at school and at the park that's across the street from the boys' and girls' club, where a lot of their friends go after school. The highlight of the trip might have been when Justice (the 3 yr old) pulled down his pants and peed on the ground right in front of everyone -completely no shame! (On our camp-out last week, Bruce showed him how to pee on the ground outside. Justice thought it was totally cool!) Oh well, at least he didn't go in his pants. I think the potty training is finally starting to sink in. (If only we could get past the poop-on-the-potty thing, I think we'd be there. He seems to have a Ross like aversion. Drat!)

After we got home, I decided to oblige Lydia who'd been bugging me all week long about taking her and a friend to see Hannah Montana again. Since the kids all had movie gift-certs from Christmas, I decided: "What the heck!" I met my friend Crystal and her 3 kids there. (Bruce missed this fun - he was gone for the evening.) I brought along a couple of Lydia's school friends too. Between us there were 10 children in all -how insane is that! I took the boys to see Monsters -vs- Aliens, and Crystal went with the girls to Hannah Montana. The kids were all pretty well behaved, and I think a good time was had by all. Thanks Crystal!


Bruce said...

im a little torn. its sounds like fun, but at the same time im glad i didnt have to live through the insanity

lid said...

ent I did not ride the certisy bus i just rode the normal one