Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Odd Bits

I got to go on the third grade field trip last Friday (and I'm going on the first grade field trip this Friday). I love field trips! I love how the kids are so happy to see a parent at school. Ross had a good time playing with the camera:
and he had a good time showing the entire class this nugget:

We went to the court house and they held a "bubble gum trial."
Then that night Ross and Mark's school had their Spring Festival. Then by a crazy coincidence, all three of my older children had separate sleepovers to go to.

Fast forward to Sunday. Ross found a smiley face that someone had drawn under the cushion on our downstairs couch. No one admitted to having drawn it, so all three kids played "detectives" to try to solve the mystery. They still didn't figure it out, so they decided to hold a trial. Unfortunately, it was time to get ready for church, so they put it off until that evening. We had Bruce's parents over for dinner, and they stayed for the trial. It was a crack-up. You'd have had to be there. Ross & Mark both were lawyers, and defendants. Bruce's dad was the judge, and the rest of us were the jury. The boys presented evidence (which was struck by reason of jury tampering. Earlier, the kids had asked everyone in the house to draw smiley faces in a notebook, so they could compare them and see who's was closest to the one on the couch. I purposely drew mine exactly like the one on the couch, then I had said "Oh no! I did it!") We had our court all official and everything. It was pretty fun. We never did come to a conclusion about who drew the face on the couch (hung jury), but I really don't care. It was on the inside part, you know the part that gets covered in crumbs & junk. No big deal.

Here's Clayton earning his 3rd bath of the day:


Curtis Gibby said...

That is one messy baby!

JG said...

You must love wall washing!

timpani76 said...

Please tell me that is not poo ;)

Renae said...

Lol. No, it chocolate pudding.

lid said...

I think its bath time: )