Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spreading the Love

Lydia was five years old when we brought her for the first time to see the house (this house) that we were planning to buy. With a yard that's approximately the size of a football field, there is plenty of room for the kids to play. (After our last house, which had a yard approximately the size of a handkerchief, it was a wonderful change!) When we asked her what she liked the best about our new house, she flung out her arms and spun around The Sound of Music style and sang "ALL THE DANDELIONS!"
Justice seems to agree, and since we apparently still don't have enough:Justice has been having a ball whapping the dandelions and watching the seeds fly!

It's too bad I didn't have Amy handy. I couldn't seem to capture it right. Oh Well!

Yesterday I took my kids to the library. As we were pulling up, there were about four 16-17ish year old boys riding slowly by on their bikes. No sooner did I have the van in park than Ross (the 9 year old) flung open the door, jumped out and chased them down the street, hollering nonsense and waving his arms all over the place. I laughed a lot. Kooky boy!


timpani76 said...

QQ loves dandelions! We should get them together in your backyard to attack the whole herd of them ;)

Renae said...

We've got plenty. They'd have a blast!

lid said...

we do have alot of dandy lions

pie-seas79 said...

I haven't been keeping up on the blog community very well....I'm sure you've missed my lack of input! Anyway, this cracks me up because this is the EXACT same thing my kids are doing with the dandelions and the light sabers! awesome.