Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Two Totally Unrelated Things

Who knew that a musician had to also be a mathematician. Hey John, our roads related after all! This is one single beat from a Chopin Etude that I am learning. The "x"s represent where in the beat the notes fall. You have to divide the beat (not the measure - the beat) into 12 parts in order to figure out where to play the notes. The one on top is what you play, with the right hand at the same time as you are playing the one on bottom with your left hand. It's driving me Mad!
Here's a crazy spider I found by my garage. It's huge! Sorry, but there ain't no way that I'm putting my finger next to it for a size reference! You'll just have to trust me that it's about 2 inches from front legs to back. Anybody know what kind it is? It appears to be making an egg sack. Is it poisonous? Should I get Bruce to kill it? (I'm not doing it. I'm a chicken.)


timpani76 said...

Are you sure that's spider? I can't seem to find all eight legs. Ick!

Dana Cheryl said...

Renae I feel your pain. I took two years of Music Theory. It's all math. The math of sound. Crazy! Your post reminds me why I'm not a music major. :)

Yep that's a big spider. No idea what kind. If ya find out let me know.

Renae said...

I LOVE music theory! Maybe John and I are related after all.

pie-seas79 said...

I think that is the garden spider. If it's marking are yellow and black then it is. They look a lot like black widows which are white and black. The garden spider is supposedly harmless though. I still wouldn't go near it and would probably have it killed just to be safe. I HATE spiders! ew!

Eyepoke said...

Mozart was supposed to be a Math Whiz. Einstein was a pretty good violinist. Once, he was supposed to give a lecture on Physics to a bunch of professors. Instead he just showed up and played them a piece on his violin. And went home. There is a tie in there somewhere I think.

Someday one of the Sever Clans will spawn a superbeing that has BOTH powers... and they shall be know as the Kwitztaz Haderach!