Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blow Outs

Why is it that babies wait until you are both wearing clean clothes to have a blow out diaper that mucks you both up? That's twice in one morning. He must be cleaning out the pipes today.

Reminds me of my brother, John's wedding. Mark was one month old. I was changing his diaper in the van, about 20 minutes before the ceremony was to start. I had the old diaper off, and hadn't yet managed to put the new one on yet when SSSPPPLLAATT!!!! That stuff came shooting out of there like water out of a fire hydrant. Covered my entire torso in yellow baby poo, plus a good portion of the van seat and headrest. My nice dress suit was ruined.


lizS said...

i remember that! i think i have a picture even...heehee!
my worst blow-out story was when erik was first born. we hadn't been home from the hospital yet a whole week, and my mom was staying with us. john was at work, and mom took jonni to go grocery shopping or something, so it was the first time i was alone with erik. i got his diaper off, and whammy! fire hose, just like mark. i was on the couch, and he got me, the couch, the floor...and my brand new comfy jammie pants!! i had no idea what to do. here i was, sitting in poo with a naked baby, just barely home from the hospital, so sore and hurting still, (and unbeknownst at the time, i had endomitritis, which is an infection of the uterine lining, and very very painful), and nothing near by to clean it all up! i think i ended up putting erik on a blanket on the floor, still naked, and making a break for cleaning supplies.

lizS said...

oh, and my mom got the poo out of the jammie pants. thank goodness, cause i was devistated. i still have 'em, and they are seriously the most comfortable pair of pants i have ever owned.