Monday, September 15, 2008

A Quick Observation

A two year old with a magic marker (incidentally, why do they call it a "magic marker?" A better name would be: "The marker from Haties" or "Marker that will ruin your favorite sweater faster than you can say 'Oh ski-dunking booger mongers, not again!" But "Magic Marker?" I ask you "What the ruddy heck is so great and magical about a marker that won't come off of anything under the sun with out taking serious health risking means of action?") Anyway, when a two year old comes up to you with a magic marker with the lid off saying "I found a Q!" It doesn't usually add up to anything good. (Unless you count the fact that he can recognize his letters.) It was only a mouse pad this time, so I'm not upset at all. But it is a good observation.


Brad Carter said...

When my daughter was 3 or 4, she found a blue one and "had a flood in her room." She marked up a bunch of a wall, the wooden trim around the doors, and all over some toys.

timpani76 said...

They are magic to little kids ;)

They are more like black magic to adults.

lizS said...

we got the kids halloween trick or treat pumpkins on saturday at the local goodwill type shop. they were i think a quarter each or something. we showed jonni when she got home, and she immediately picked the one she wanted. unfortunetly, erik was with us when we bought them, and he had already picked that one as his. a huge fit ensued, (that's my daughter, the Queen of Fits), whereas we told her to shut it, or she wouldn't get one at all. she was quiet for awhile, then reappeared triumphantly brandishing the pumpkins. she had found a "magic marker" and written her name on the forbidden one, and erik's on the unwanted one. (they were not that much different folks, just enough to tell who's was who's so there'd be no fighting, ha ha) then she says "now there's nothing you can do!! this one's mine forever!" she got sent to her room until john and i could get the marker off the pumpkins. it took a long time. about halfway through, i said, why aren't we making jonni do this? john had no answer, but the pumpkins are now label-free, and on a high shelf in a closet where the contankerous five year old can't get them until halloween. when she will get whichever one we feel like giving her!!