Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hiking with the Kids and Grandparents and Misc.

Yesterday I got up with big plans to accomplish much in the way of painting my kitchen.
(Before that I went running with my group for the first time since baby was born! Yay! I love being able to get back into my running, but the best part was seeing my running friends again. It made me so happy to hear "Renae, your back! Good to see you." Friends rock.)
Anyway, I have much in the kitchen that needs to be accomplished, so I planned to dig in and work all day, then to go out with my favorite guy in the pm for a date. Well, I was just changing into my painting scrubbies when my mom calls. "Can we take the kids out for a day at the park and some hiking?" "Of course! They'd love that!" is the knee jerk response. Next follows the battle: do I stay and take advantage of the kids being out of the way, and get lots accomplished -hopefully; or do I go and spend a great day with the kids.
My father-in-law has spent many a day over here, breaking his back, out of the sheer goodness of his heart, in order to help me get my kitchen back. He specifically asked me to get some painting done so that we could get the trim hung around the windows. So, yes that needs to be a priority. However, that haunting quote from the movie Hook: " are missing it." kept floating around in my head. When my parents showed up, I was still in my painting duds and barefoot. I had almost made my mind up that I'd stay and work. " are missing it. are missing it." Mom asks are you coming? Well, I looked a fright, and I wasn't at all ready to go. But come on, how beautiful do you have to be to go hiking? I hemmed and hawed for a couple of minutes, glanced at Bruce guiltily (he was staying home to work on cleaning the garage). Finally, I ran inside, grabbed my shoes, camera and some diapers for the baby, put the baby in his seat and ran out the door with the kids. We had a good day. We picnicked, played at the park and hiked.
Then last night Bruce and I ran away, leaving the kids with Trent (except for Clayton who stayed with Grandma Sever) and we went to a party with my running group friends. Had a good time there too.

Oh, and here's one of Monkey Boy washing his hands.

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Dana Cheryl said...

Good for you Renae! Looks like a fun day. It's good to enjoy 'em as much a possible. That's my motto. :)

Justice is so funny and industrious. LOL! Nothing keeps him down for long.

Also the kitchen looks great from what I can see. I hope to see it in person someday.