Thursday, March 20, 2008

You Can Have it, Bruce

Bruce and I have been debating over who gets to post the funny thing that Ross said yesterday. This is the problem with both of us blogging. But, I'll be nice and let Bruce tell you about it. But he'd better hurry up, or I'll do it. Dang it, now I've hyped it up, and ruined it's funniness. I hate hype, because nothing ever lives up to it. Well almost never anyway.


Bruce said...

ill just do it on yours. ok so hears what happened. im lying in bed trying to wake up the other morning when i hear ross come up the stairs. he goes up to renae and says in a tired but worried voice,"mom, i think i peed like a thousand times last night." what had acually happened was that ross had fallen asleep on the floor in the basment and we got a big enough rain that our basment flooded, leaving a huge puddle on the floor the rug(that ross was asleep on) blankets and ross himself. when he woke up he thought he had wet the bed(floor) enough to leave this big wattery mess. renae tryed to assure him it was rain watter, but he insisted that he needed to take a shower to wash the pee off. Poor Ross.

Malauna said...

Even with all the hype, that is a pretty hilarious story. Why do all the "good ones" happen at your house?

Not so fun to wake up to a flooded basement, though.

lizS said...

all the good ones happen at their house because they have THOSE kind of kids. hee hee.