Monday, March 17, 2008

Mark Beats Everyone Bowling

I meant to blog about this last week, but I forgot. We went bowling for family night last Monday, and we had a blast. I'm a notoriously bad bowler! I once bowled a 19; no joke, I actually did. I didn't bowl this time. Justice was asleep, so I just held him and watched the fun, which is just as much fun for me as actually bowling. We had the bumpers up, of course, but the sensors at the end of the lane were not too great or something. The kids didn't roll their balls hard enough for the sensor to register that they had bowled. They would knock down some pins, and get to roll again for free. It happened with all of the kids, but with Mark the most (as he's the littlest). Mark had several times when he bowled the ball 4 times in one frame. He also had a few lucky shots, hence he got several spares and even a few "strikes." Bruce and I were cracking up. Ross and Lydia also did better than they should have. Bruce was having a slightly off night for him (it would have been a pretty good night for me). Anyway, Mark bowled a 109 and Bruce got a 103. Mark was ecstatic! It was a fun night for all.

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