Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So Many Things to Blog About, So Little Time

Where to start. Bruce told all about Ross' baptism, so I guess I'll just let you read his account. It was great! The bad thing about both of us blogging now is that we will steal each other's thunder from time to time.

I'm LOVING my piano lessons! I'm currently working on (don't know if this will mean anything to anybody) Schubert's Impromptu in E flat major http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9b4-UfyxLs (an eight year old! Oh man, I should just give up!), Liszt's Liebestraume #3, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVZ0WO2Is-g and Chopin's Revolutionary Etude. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq_ea5RgvOI&feature=related I am soooooooo biting off more than I can chew! (I nearly always do). Oh well, it's fun. It will probably take me 20 years at least to be able to play these up to tempo.

I'm planning which races I'll do once I'm unpregnant and can actually run again. The problem is that I'll have to start practically from scratch. I can't run at present, The whole broken rib thing threw me off, and now I'm too far along. Some women can run through the whole pregnancy, but every time I've been pregnant, I've had to give it up around 5 months along. I get pains in my tummy, so I have to stop. I'm not sitting around though, I still torture myself on a regular basis, just in other ways. I go up and down my stairs as fast as I can maintain (at present isn't much more than a walk) for 40 minutes, or I ride my bike which is in the house on a trainer. Any who, I didn't want to go on about that. Lets just say that I'll have to work hard as soon as I'm allowed.

Justice is becoming quite the little pal for me. It's just he and me during the day. He's such a little parrot that it cracks me up. He knows my whole daily grooming routine and always wants to do everything I do. He sticks his finger in my contact case after I do, and "puts his 'eyes' in;" he puts deodorant on, lotion on his legs, I pretend to put toner on a cotton swab for him, and he puts that on, he puts on moisturizer on too. He puts make-up on with me. Today he even got the mouse can out for me when I was drying my hair. I use just a tiny bit to tame my baby hairs that want to stick straight up in the front. I know Bruce is going to worry that he'll turn into a sissy or a cross dresser or something, but he's just imitating. It's funny.

Spring weather is finally giving us a bit of a taste! I am sooooo happy about that. I had about 20 more things to ramble on about, but this is getting too long already, so I'll just save them for later.


lizS said...

aww, ramble on! i was enjoying! justice sounds adorable. erik imitates too, and it's so cute. but he imitates jonni! follows her around everywhere and does everything she does. it drives her crazy! i love watching them. and man, am i loving the weather too! it's supposed to get up to sixty today! hooray!! i'm taking the kids for a walk, baby!

Shell said...

Hi Renae
I've read your comments on Heather's but I never read through her link list before. Congrats on your prenancy. I'll check in on you. Shelly

Eyepoke said...

Renae,(and Shelly)

So-- these Utah cousins keep popping up on your site (waves)

... but I have no idea who they are!! Maluna is Ryan's wife- I know who Ryan is- he's my age- (when I did my brief stint at the Y and went to the Gibby Thanksgiving- which was fun- Ryan and I had a whole conversation with him thinking I was there as somebody's date)(I knew who he was though, lol)

But who is Heather? Who are you Shelly? Nice to meet you BTW!-I'm Renae's brother. Generally I think if they are direct first cousins I can figure it out, but married to cousins and children of cousins I cant keep track of! But I'd like to!

Im confused. You know Renae and I have easily 100+ 1st cousins if you start counting the spouses!

Eyepoke said...

So to sum up: I am very psyched to hear from the family still back in the old country! Where do you all fit into the Family Tree?

John (I think I am Ralph and LouCiel Gibby's 83rd descedant. Top of the batting order of Beth's Kids.)