Monday, March 17, 2008

Trent's Evil Influence

It's funny how things tend to come back to haunt you. My brother Trent was born when I was almost 15, and John was 17. We had a great time teaching him to be just as wacky as us. When he was about 3 we taught him to say "SILENCE INFIDEL!" It was just too funny to hear that coming out in his little high pitched voice. That reminds me of a good Trent story that I will have to relay in a minute. Anyway, we were sitting around the dinner table last night, and someone brought up this story, which is a funny one, so I'm blogging it for posterity.

Ross was about 3 years old, so that would make Trent 12-ish. We had gone out for a day of hiking and picnicking with my parents and family. We had a great day. When we were at the picnic portion, there was another family at another picnic table not too far off from where we were. We were all sitting around the table enjoying the beautiful day and good company. I noticed Trent whispering into Ross' ear (this is often a sign that things are about to get exciting, and not necessarily in a good way). Unbeknownst to me, Trent was telling Ross that the people at the other table were orks. Ross jumps up all of a sudden, and starts running toward the other table, brandishing his walking stick like a maniac, and yelling "Kill the Orks!!! Kill the Orks!!!" I of course stopped him before he actually got to their table.

Another time (not too long after that) I had to go downtown to get pick something silly up in a shop. I had Trent with me, so I just left him and the kids in the van by themselves while I ran inside. When I came out, I found out that Ross had been leaning out of the window and yelling "Hey Fatty Buldger!" at passersby. Hmm, mysterious, where on Earth could he have gotten that phrase? I'm pretty sure that Ross hadn't read Lord of the Rings at that time.

Okay, here's the Trent story that I mentioned earlier. And despite all of the evil influence John or I may have had on him when he was younger, I promise that Trent did this one completely on his own! Trent was 3 years old. We had gone to Ponderosa as a family. Mom took Trent to the bathroom. There was a woman coming out of the bathroom as they were going in. Out of nowhere, Trent reached out and slapped this woman on the leg. My mom was shocked! "Apologise to that lady, Trent!" she says. Trent looked the woman in the eye and screamed "She's not a wady!" My poor mother about died of embarrassment.


Bruce said...

i think i tought trent the silence infadel thing to put on a tape to send weth john on his mission. so i thing i may have had an influence on the young man. i have known him sence he was about three.

Anonymous said...

I will once again boast publically that at a time of life when I was flunking out of Trig, Trent is complaining of getting only a B+ in Calculus. Considering what a towering genius I am, I must say that that says much for young Trent.


he is also 30 seconds faster in the mile than I was as a senior.

Renae said...

I guess that makes Trent the upgraded version of John? Everybody has always said that you two look quite alike.

What's that talk radio slogan: "Younger, Smarter, Better" ;)

BTW, did you hear that some of Trent's friends were messing around in the school library, looking at old yearbooks. They came to Trent and said "Hey, we found your dad in the yearbook! John? He looks just like you!" -Ha ha! (For anyone who doesn't know, our dad is named John, but he did not go to the same high school that we went to. What they found was John the Brother who is 17 years older than Trent.)

Bruce said...

i went to trents track meet last night. he was fast enough(and they were slow enough) that in the two mile race he lapped every one. then when i told him his time he was mad because it was not fast enough.
btw, i ran into a person i went to school with sence like 3 grade. he was at the high school meet to watch his son. and his pregnant daughter was there with him. now i know im not as young as i once was but come on.