Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yesterday I took Clayton with me to run some errands. As I was buckling him in his car-seat, I noticed that he had some Oreo dirt stuck on his nose. I tried rubbing it off with my finger, and when that didn't work, I licked my finger for another try. Clayton gave me a funny look and asked, "You eat my boogers Mom?!"

Shortly later we were at the grocery store and Clayton kept challenging the other people shopping there. It must be a youngest brother thing. He wasn't doing it in a mean kind of way. I think that's how he thinks you are supposed to make friends or something. We walked past this really big guy (bigger than Bruce, and that is saying something), and Clayton calls out "Hey YOU!" at the guy, shaking both of his fists at him like a boxer. It was funny.

Ross and Lydia have christened January 25th to be "Mark's a Dork Day." They kept congratulating him on having such "holiday spirit" this morning. Siblings!

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timpani76 said...

Booger eater!