Friday, February 04, 2011


In getting the pictures off my camera, I found a couple of cute Clayton sleeping pictures,

and this shot that I took about a week ago. Is it just me, or do you sometimes take a peek into your closet and realize that it kind of looks like one of the Peanuts characters' closets, where all of the clothes are exactly the same?

On a totally unrelated topic, the other day I was in the basement trying to do one of the many things on my things-that-I-should-really-do-but-just-never-seem-to-fit-into-actual-real-life list. That is, I was lifting weights. Ross says inquisitively, "Mom, why are you doing that?"

My reply was something like, "so I can be more healthy and strong, and because when we get older, we lose our muscles...etc."

He let out a short breath and says as if almost relieved, "Oh. I was wondering if you were lifting weights so you could spank harder."

I wonder if that means that I am lacking in the spanking department. My husband would certainly say that I don't spank nearly enough.

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timpani76 said...

Lol! We should all lift more weights so we can SPANK HARDER! Ha ha ha.