Friday, January 21, 2011

My Brilliant Idea for the Day

Well it took me HOURS to accomplish, so I hope my children find it useful! A little background for my non LDS friends. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we try to hold Family Home Evening every Monday night. This is a night that we, as a family, set aside to spend time together having fun and learning about the gospel. We usually start and end with a prayer, sing songs together -some silly and fun, some spiritual, have a lesson, have some kind of fun activity, and have a treat. FHE is a great time to just enjoy being together and also a great opportunity to teach each-other about the things we believe.

Anyway, our FHEs, while fun, have not always been organized and planned as well as they could be. We've tried making assignments ahead of time, but we always forget who's turn it is to do what. So in an effort to make our FHEs more meaningful and better planned, I have spent HOURS doing the following:

I created a new background on our computer where everyone will see it everyday saying who's in charge of what for the next month and a half of FHEs. That was the easy part. Next I went through Lydia's Personal Progress book, and Ross and Mark's Faith in God books and found every requirement that could be at least partly done by teaching a FHE lesson. I included things that said "learn about" or "discuss" or "teach a lesson" etc. Then I made a folder just under our FHE chart on the desktop with about a million links to scriptures and lesson plans taken from the FHE lesson manual and the Primary manuals on the church website, and clearly marked which requirement those lessons could be used to fulfill. Now when it is their turn to teach the lesson (and they can't miss seeing it everyday), all they have to do is click on that folder to find LOTS of lesson plans and ideas perfectly suited to help them get their different awards done. Now I just have to see if they will use it.

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timpani76 said...

Way to get organized! I always feel better when I get more organized. You are an awesome mom for doing this for your family!