Monday, January 24, 2011

Sleeping Outside in the Snow and Shocking Ourselves

When Mother Nature decided to dump about 9ish inches of snow on us last week, Bruce and our older three kids decided to build a big snow fort. They covered the top with a tarp, added a removable wooden door and lined the floor with rubber mats and about a million blankets. Then they slept outside in it! Crazy folks! Being the worry wart mother that I am, I did a little sigh of relief as each child came inside the next morning. Ross slept a little later then everybody else, so I made Mark go and check on him. When Mark didn't come back inside, I went outside myself. I refused to go back inside until Mark woke Ross up and I heard Ross' voice. The kids said that they were all warm and toasty. Just goes to show that my Bruce is a good outdoors-man.

(Clayton is just here for the picture. He didn't sleep out there with them.)

You can see the fort better in the night picture.

They got more snow in the night.

Here's one day a couple of weeks ago when Clayton was "helping" me make biscuits, and turned the dog half white. It was more impressive in person.

You just can't get a shock collar for the dog and not try it out on yourselves.

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colista said...

That is awesome! Did they get cold at any point during the night?