Monday, January 10, 2011


The other day, Clayton was playing in the kitchen sink, and Lydia came and turned the water off, getting him down from the sink. He got all mad and said... Well I guess I have to explain first. The kids all made code names for each other. Ross is Peanuts.... I can't remember what the other ones are. Someone is Oatmeal. Lydia is Peaches. Anyway, if you say their code name it means that they are supposed to beat up whoever you name next. Justice is always getting mad at Mark and yelling "Peanuts Mark!" Thus, Ross is supposed to beat up Mark.

So anyway, Clayton got all mad at Lydia and complains as he's leaving the kitchen, "Lella shut the walla off." (Lydia shut the water off.) "PEANUTS LEELLA!!" Then he stalks back into the kitchen, shoots Lydia a look and says "I'll show you! Peanuts you Leella!"

Ross' reply was "Uh, I don't think so. She's too big."

Clayton was mad at me a few weeks ago about something. I don't remember what. I just remember him sitting on the stairs and quietly pouting "Peanuts Ma ma." To which I laughed.

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