Sunday, October 03, 2010


I've slightly modified the new puppy's name. She is now Alastor, still Ally (alley) for short. I can't believe it took me this long to figure out her perfect name. If I could just get her to figure out that pooping an peeing in my house is a bad thing, she would be perfect.

What else has been going on? Right now Lydia and Bruce are sleeping off the effects of the 24 hour run. Lydia participated in a thing at her school where they had relay teams that ran for 24 hours straight. Bruce chaperoned overnight. They had a good time, but now they are tired.

Ross and Mark are in the backyard rolling down the hill, wrapped up in those thin foam pads that you sleep on top of when you go camping. I can't think of the proper word. I love watching them playing outside with the puppy bouncing and pouncing happily on everything in sight.

Yesterday they got a furniture dolly out of the back of Bruce's truck and took turns pulling each other down the street on their bikes.
I'm adding Ally to my picture project. It's hard to get her to stand still for the camera though.
This picture cracks me up. Justice was in the act of stomping on that big block of styrofoam, and just happened to fall right as I was clicking the camera.

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Anonymous said...

that picture of justice falling over is hialrious