Wednesday, September 29, 2010


A few days ago, Justice informed me that he had been bitten by a spider, and so would be turning into Spiderman. He also told me that Mark had been bitten by a monkey, and Clayton by an elephant. They too would be transforming into Monkeyman and an elephant respectively.

Today as we were coming home from our walk, Justice sighed really deep and said dejectedly, "It's really taking a long time for me to turn into Spiderman."

On another note, Clayton's vocabulary is really coming around these days. We were having a little campfire and roasting hot-dogs and marshmallows a couple of nights ago. Clayton was playing with a flashlight and kept getting mad at Justice for sticking his hand in Clayton's beam. Finally Clayton shouts out, "Touch a hand a DIE!" I think anyone could understand that funny two year old language.

Today Clayton was playing "potty training" (as in copying what I do with our new puppy) with his toy dinosaur. He kept sticking the dino's nose on the ground and saying "See dat, NO! No poop a house! NO! See dat, NO! SIDE!" then he'd give his dinosaur a spanking. It was pretty hilarious.

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