Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sleeping Arrangements and Toilet Monsters

All of my children have their own beds, but Lydia is the only one who regularly sleeps in hers. Strange children. Ross and Mark prefer to sleep upstairs in Justice and Clayton's room. I don't really know why. Perhaps because this is where I read to the younger kids and they just like the togetherness? The older three are into chapter books and are never reading the same ones, so they just read to themselves at bed time. It's not like they are there to hear me read the little kids' things.

Anyway, there is a futon mattress on the floor of Justice and Clayton's room. I've pretty much given up on ever putting it away. They just get it out again. Generally, all four boys sleep on that, although Ross occasionally sleeps on Justice's bed. Clayton has decided to absolutely refuse to sleep in his crib. I guess I need to get him a big boy bed too, but what is the use?

The other night, after reading a story or two, I laid down with them to snuggle for a few minutes. Mark was snuggled up to my back and Justice, Clayton and the dog kept trying to all snuggle my front side simultaneously (Are you impressed? I spelled "simultaneously" correctly without the spell checker). They kept hopping over each other to squeeze in between their sibling and myself. I constantly had one boy or the other crying. I couldn't help but giggle a little. Then I gave up and went downstairs.

I know it's not a good thing to start, but the puppy seems to be a permanent fixture in our bed. I warned Bruce about this. When she grows up and is a big dog, she will hog all of the room. Not to mention how awful it will be if she does like Chloe did when she becomes elderly and gets a leaky bladder. Chloe did not sleep in our bed. However, Bruce continued to undermine me and let that dog in our bed. If we ever decide to put a stop to it, we are going to have a rough time of it now.

It's three a.m. and I have no where to sleep. Justice, Clayton and the dog have all migrated into our bed and now there is no room left for me. I suppose there are plenty of unoccupied beds around the house that I could go and curl up in.

One more thing: Earlier Justice told me an amusing little tidbit of information. "Did you know that if you sit on the toilet too long, it wakes up and goes (in a deep growly voice) 'NUM NUM NUM,' and eats you up?"

"Really, where did you hear that?"

"Ross told me. He said that those two things in the back are eyes (the bolts that hold on the seat), and the thing you sit on is its mouth."

If I have to re-potty train Justice, Ross is in BIG trouble! However, Justice doesn't really seem all that worried about it. Merely amused.


timpani76 said...

You were up late just like me! I would keep the dog in the bed, and kick out the husband ;)

Dana Cheryl said...

I love when siblings love being together! During one of my nanny adventures I worked for a lawyer & his wife. They had nine kids ranging in ages from 23 to 4. The two oldest were out of the house the seven remaining were four girls ages 4 to 13 & three boys 6, 8, & 16. They had a HUGE house with plenty of rooms but the four girls shared a room & loved it. The two little boys shared a room as well. The 16 year old had his own room but he fiercely missed his older brothers! Oh how those kids loved one another! The only tv in the house was in the parents bedroom and they had a giant bed and a well-worn comfy sofa. Once a week they made pop corn, rented a movie, the little kids piled on the big bed, the older kids on the sofa and they delighted in that time spent together. So much so that when their parents when to Israel for two weeks they insisted that we continue the weekly movie night. It was so much fun!!

You are one seriously so blessed girl! I'm so happy for you.

Good luck with getting the dog out of your bed when the time comes, if it does... I FINALLY got Lyra out of the habit but it took work & her own full sized bed AND a down pillow... lol!!

Bruce said...

that is my bed too. you cant kick me out of some thing that is mine. she can kick her self out. and i didnt sleep very well last night. and i had to find my own spot the other night when it got too crowded.

GuppyLovesShark said...

I love reading your blog :) The toilet monster story is so hilarious :) I love it. You've made me laugh until my eyes were watering.

I sympathize with the bed situation. I am always waking up to find our two littlest have climbed into our bed. Usually, my youngest boy is using me as a pillow, lol.