Monday, October 18, 2010

Do Other People's Kids Do This Stuff, Or Is It Just Mine?

I had to rescue Clayton (2 yr old) from his perch alongside Justice (4 yr old) on top of my clothes rack in my closet. They were both sitting on the bar that I hang my clothes on, six feet in the air. WTFREAK?!


timpani76 said...

Your kids are definitely unique in their crazy climbing ability! When my kids do crazy things, it mostly involves lots of dirt/mud ;)

Dana Cheryl said...

I don't have kids yet but I do have a lot of nanny experience. It's definitely not just your kiddos. I knew one little girl who was absolutely determined to climb on top of the canopy on her bed. She was five and so tiny. She made it all the way on of the bedposts & was just about to leap onto the canopy. Which may or may not have held.

I think it's neat how different kids are drawn to different interests like dirt/mud vs heights. I'd say that it was all related to what they see their moms do since Timpani is such an avid gardner... Renae, are you a top secret mountain climber??? :)