Sunday, October 24, 2010

Living Room Floor General

We've had a busy weekend. Our family went camping with my parents on Friday. We had a really good time. When we got home on Saturday, Ross, Mark and Lydia were in charge of the unpacking while I did a lot of sewing to finish Halloween costumes. Then Bruce and the kids went to Trunk or Treat with their cousins. I was exhausted and not feeling very well, so I opted to stay at home and enjoy a RARE couple of hours of quiet.

When everyone came home, it was time for showers and bed. Bruce laid down on the living room floor and fell fast asleep. However, he kept trying to run things even in his sleep. He kept half waking up and shouting at the house in general "Who's in the shower?! Who's turn is it in the shower?! Get in there quick and take a shower!"

He did it like five or six times. It was pretty funny when he kept it up for hours after the kids had been in bed. "Hey Ross, hurry up and get in the shower!"

"Bruce, the kids have been in bed for a couple of hours."

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