Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Yesterday a Monkey, Today a Cat

I walked into my kitchen to see my four year old relaxing on top of the cabinets, inches from the ceiling.

"I'm a cat, because cats know how to get up here."

Actually, I'm pretty sure that my cat does not know how to climb up there. If Lydia (my oldest) had tried this stunt when she was Justice's age, I probably would have had a heart-attach. But as it is, I just laughed and asked if he needed help getting down, as I walked back into the other room.

"No, I can do it." was his reply. And he did get down unassisted without any trouble.

Oh and yesterday when I asked Clayton (2 year old) what he wanted for lunch, I swear it sounded like he said "Eat bugers." I had to ask him to repeat it three or four times, and I never did figure it out.

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Dana Cheryl said...

You're working your way up to a full zoo!!! You should add "Zoo Keeper" to your resume. :)