Friday, October 17, 2008

My Sweet Boys

There was no school today. Those wonderful teacher's institutes - I loved them so much as a child! My boys got up about the same time as usual and knocked on our bedroom door. I opened the door to see Ross and Mark carrying a tray with two plates of leftover pancakes and three carrots. They each carried a tall glass of juice. Justice was tagging along carrying a bottle of syrup. "We brought you breakfast in bed!" says Ross "The one with a bite out of it is Justice's." he says (meaning the carrot.) They hung out and shared our leftover pancakes with us. Aren't children great!

On a side note, I noticed that Justice's diaper was extremely soggy, and I asked him: "Are you poopy, Justice?"

"No, not yet." was his reply. I laughed. I've got to get that one potty trained!


lizS said...

you do have awfully sweet, thoughtful children. i still love that they threw me an impromtu birthday party! so cute!

timpani76 said...

That's so sweet! Did Bruce have to get dressed for the photo op?

You know, I waited until Quisqueya was 5-6 months old before I potty trained Vance. You still have the "newborn" card to play on that one!

Eyepoke said...


Bruce said...

hea T., just feel lucky i had on a shirt. befor i joined the church.... well lets just say i would not have had a shirt on.