Friday, October 24, 2008

Beans and Dollars

We've been using the bean system for quite a while now. It works well. The only problem is that it could break me financially. We've been at this for what, a year and a half, and we haven't been too broke yet, so I'm not actually that worried, but all three of my older children cashed in 20 beans this week to get picked up from school and go out to lunch with me. I love going to school and seeing my kids there. They are always so happy to see their mother at school. I love my dates with them too! This was just not a good week for me to afford to go out to eat 3 times.
Oh well, spending time one on one with my children is better than money. Good times!


pie-seas79 said...

okay, what is the bean system? do tell.

Eyepoke said...

If your kids are bad you sock 'em in the bean.

Eyepoke said...