Monday, October 06, 2008

How Do I Miss These Things?

A few years back, Bruce laughed at me for singing along to a song which I thought went like this: "Get your rock salt, get your rock salt, Honey!" Well, as it turned out, the real lyrics were a bit obscene. Then there was the time when I thought "Money for Nothin" from Dire Straits went like this: "We got the movies refrigerators. We got the movies color TVs..." I can't remember how old I was when I was finally corrected on that one.

Of course there is the Primary song that has always been so confusing for us Mormon kids, you know the one about "... by this shimeno, ye are my disciples..." I still can't figure out if we are supposed to go to Zambia, or if I need to purchase a certain fishing reel in order to be "saved." This could be important information for my salvation!

Seriously though, Bruce and I were just talking about movie Dances with Wolves and he said that he thought it was sad when Wind in his Hair was about to cry over Dances with Wolves leaving. "What?!" Says I. Apparently I totally misunderstood the ending of this movie. I've seen it a million times (it's been a few years now, but still.) Heck, we own that movie. I never got that Dances with Wolves and his wife leave for Washington! I just thought the whole tribe moved away to some other part of the wild west. How did I miss that?


The Marinator said...

That's not how Money for Nuthin' goes? Now I'm going to have to give it a closer listen. LOL! Now I feel pretty dopey!

Renae said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one! lol! I used to think "YMCA" had the word "Yummy" in it a lot ("young men").

timpani76 said...

There was a song called "cursed female" that I totally did not get until I saw the obscene music video. Maybe the title should have been a giveaway?

I look lyrics up online if I don't know what they say, since I'm half deaf anyway.

The Marinator said...

I looked up the lyrics for Money for Nothing. We weren't TOO far off! It's just contrasting the difference between playing guitar for a living and making zillions for it, and being a regular guy doing hard work and making not very much for it!

My Mom went around and read up on everyone's blogs that I'm linked to recently. She loves your blog! And she also loves the blog you and John do together, she just feels dumb posting on people's blogs that she hasn't met. :) She was watching one of the videos you made, and was trying to look at a picture that flashes by quickly, but could never get it. She says it's a horse with something underneath...? She can't figure out what it is.

Renae said...

Yay for you Mary's Mom. Don't be shy. I LOVE new readers (and old ones too especially when they comment.) The picture of the horse? Here, I'll just post it for you.

Bruce said...

renae likes to make fun of me because i always misquote movies. i will be close but not quite. and i was the one who told her she was singing money for nuthin wrong. i remember my aunt asking me "do you know what that means?" when i was a kid singing walk this way. i of corse did not and she laughed a lot.