Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Okay, So I Guess I Am In A Bad Way

It is so hard to know the difference, or where to draw the line between laziness and needing to rest because you are injured. I abhor sitting around doing nothing! When I'm sitting very still and not breathing deeply, I don't feel too bad. So, I feel lazy, I feel like I should get up and work. But as soon as I try, boom back down I go. I guess I really do need to be an invalid for a while. It hurts to do everything, pretty much. I walk up the stairs and I'm out of breath. Me! What the heck! What is that about? Anyway, I have wonderful people who don't believe me when I say I'm okay, and help me anyhow. I actually asked my mom to take my laundry and do some of it. I've had 4 babies and two miscarriages, and I've never let her take my laundry before. What does that tell you? Anyway, I guess I'd better be good, so I can get back to normal soon. I hate sitting around. I feel so lazy.

I must say that it is amazing how the Lord takes care of us though. I guess I shouldn't be too embarrassed to admit how poor we are (especially since most of my friends already know that). Yes, I have to count pennies like crazy. I went to the grocery store on Friday and I only got the essentials. I spent $35, because I knew our checking account couldn't take anymore than that. I'm used to being poor. It's not fun, but there are worse things. Anyway, apparently we are poor enough that the bishopric noticed and brought us several large boxes of groceries. More food than I would buy in two normal grocery trips (I usually spend way more than $35, as you can imagine). They even brought us diapers and laundry detergent. Well, this turned out to be timely and much appreciated because not only does it help out monetarily, but I won't have to grocery shop for a couple of weeks. That's something that I'm pretty sure I'm not up to physically at the moment. I also have a wonderful neighbor friend that made dinner for my family last night. I really do have a lot to be thankful for!


lizS said...

like the new layout! very christmassy. and i am very very very glad you are excepting help. i've been worried crazy, and on the verge of calling your rs prez down there and letting her know what the heck is up, so she could take care of you like it or not, missy! how the heck do you expect to get well if you don't rest? take it from one who has mucho experience in the area of Illnes and Injury; it's much better to take a bit of time off and get better, then to be forced to take ALOT of time off later. okay, stepping down from my soapbox now. i just love ya girlie, it's my job to worry. and like my daddy always says; "if you don't except help when you need it, you are snatching blessings from the people who would offer." good life lesson. i had to learn it with my first pregnancy. hope you feel better soon. kick those feet up, rediscover books, and get better!! love you!!

lizS said...

oooooo, have you checked out the books by stephanie meyer yet? twilight, new moon and eclipse? great books to get lost in! i would totally letcha borrow my copies (we are coming down this weekend) but they are currently loaned out. send bruce to the library for you!! hugs!

timpani76 said...

I think winter is a time when we all feel a little lazy as all our outdoor projects muse inevitably come to an end, and park visits and other outdoor activities are severely curbed. We could take a cue from nature as winter is a time for nature to rest and recuperate as well. Trees go dormant, bugs and other animals basically sleep all winter. Our garden plants and favorite flowers fold into themselves and hide themselves away as they prepare for the newness of spring to come back and free them. We could all take learn about rest from the plants and animals.

Or you could just sit around all day griping and moaning about how lazy you feel. Really, your choice.

timpani76 said...

ps you spelled pity wrong in your other post!!!