Sunday, December 30, 2007

Geeking Out!

I'm totally geeking out! Here is Vladimir Horowitz (maybe not spelled right) playing Rachmaninoff piano concerto 3. The whole thing is about a half an hour long, so I'm only putting a couple of highlights. I love Rachmaninoff! Once a few years ago, I was flicking through the channels and just happened along as they were announcing that Andre Watts was about to play Rach 2. I hurried up and threw in a tape, then I literally ran around the room whooping and hollering like a maniac. One of my nerdier moments. I call it the greatness tape, and every now and then, I pull it out and bore the pants off of whoever happens to be around. I love it though, and I'll have to get it transferred to dvd before I can watch it again. Sadly, I think it's dieing. Anyway, here are a couple of clips of Horowitz playing #3. If it totally bores you, at least watch the 30 second one. 4 min. the last 15 seconds is really cool! 31 seconds

Here is Andre Watts on Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers is geeking out too.

I lost my link list when I changed formats. I'll have to start a whole new one.

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