Monday, December 10, 2007

Justice Strikes Yet Again

My refrigerator got an impromptu cleaning on Thursday, after Justice emptied the contents into a toy box that he had emptied and dragged upstairs. Luckily he only spilled one jar of salsa. It could have been a lot worse, considering that he was throwing the jars into the toy box. It was really not such a bad deal after all, because my fridge was rather overdue for a cleaning.
Here he is this morning having some pancakes with syrup. (Note the empty syrup bottle and the syrup all over him, the table, chair & floor).


Malauna said...

And how on earth are you going to punish that smiling face? What a trooper you are.

lizS said...

my good golly heck renae. i just do not know how you keep up with that boy. seriously.